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North West Wore a Thrasher T-Shirt to Build-A-Bear

Photo: Fame Flynet

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North West: fan of giant pink fur coats, custom Balmain, and evidently, 1980's west coast skater magazines. During a trip to a Build-A-Bear Workshop birthday party alongside both parents, North wore a (heavily shrunken-down) copy of the exact uniform of every off-duty model during Fashion Month.

Not only did she wear a tiger print jacket, baby-sized combat boots, and a leopard print dress, but wore said dress over a Thrasher t-shirt, a magazine whose logos now grace the clothing of street style stars, Rihanna, and, weirdly, Andrew Garfield. Even Justin Bieber's tour merch clearly took inspiration from the logo.

Here it is up close:

Despite wearing the uniform of models nearly two decades her senior, North West still managed to prove she's a toddler by getting really, really excited at the sight of Build-A-Bear: