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Amazon Wants to Perfect the ‘Buy Now’ Selfie

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

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Amazon's dangerously easy 1-Click ordering is going to be so passé once the "Buy Now" selfie is here. Re/Code reports that the online retailing giant applied for a patent for a system that would allow shoppers to confirm a purchase with just a selfie and a wink.

It's called "Image Analysis for User Authentication" and buying things on Amazon would involve staring into your computer's camera or your mobile device's camera and winking to place an order.

The winking isn't just to be cute. It's so someone couldn't stick a photo of your face in front of a camera and use it to go on an Amazon shopping spree.

No word on a time frame for when this system might be perfected, so for now file it alongside Amazon's drone delivery idea in the online shopping world of the future.

Photo: USPTO via NY Daily News