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Hackers Take Over Muslim Fashion Brands and Post Trump Videos

Photo: Rhona Wise/Getty Images

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Donald Trump seems to inspire his supporters to do all sorts of mystifying and hateful acts. And apparently when they are not violenting attacking protestors, they're taking over Instagram accounts to post videos and make threats. A hacker, or potential group of hackers, have taken over Muslim fashion brands and bloggers' Instagram accounts to do exactly that, The Cut says.

Australian journalist Jennine Khalik first reported that the brand Hijab House had been hacked and was posting videos of Trump. The accounts of bloggers @NabiilaBee and @mariammoufid followed, and this time the hackers requested money in exchange for the return of the Instagram account.

It appears that the offending posts have been deleted, but the hacker handle blackxans remains in @NabiilaBee's bio. Mariam Moufid's account also appears to be restored after going offline earlier.

Khalik also shows emails sent to Hijab House that read, "FUCK YOU you moslem pig." She reports, "The hackers have been deleting photos, threatening to close accts. HH are receiving threats and police are involved."

We have reached out to NabiilaBee for more information.

Hi Beauties, yep my account got hacked and i made this as backup. Please follow @thehijabee in the meantime Thank you

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