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Say Goodbye to Details and Hello to GQ Style

Photo: GQ Style/Facebook

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The transition from Details to GQ has officially happened. Details is now redirecting to GQ and, probably uncoincidentally, GQ Style launched just yesterday.

The shutdown of Details was announced in November of last year, but the site has been carrying on and posting new content regularly in the months since.

The plan all along was for Details to merge into GQ Style and Condé Nast announced that it would be releasing special issues for this specific section. Will Welch has been tasked with creating a highly-polished version of that publication.

The new GQ Style is currently just an announcement page for the magazine with the option to subscribe and start receiving four issues a year (when this project was first announced, the plan was for these special-edition issues to be semi-annual).

When reached for comment, Condé Nast told Racked, "When we shut Details down we said we would be refocusing their digital team to GQ."