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Crucial Update

Kate Middleton's Stylist on the Secrets of Princess Hair

Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

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Now, the most famous royal blowout officially comes with a how-to. People tasked Kate Middleton's longtime personal stylist Richard Ward with recreating her signature Chelsea Blow Dry so that normals can wear it at home. The secret: Don't shake your hairdryer.

"The mistake a lot of you make is that you shake the hairdryer at it too much so that it gets frizzy," explained Ward. "The way to do that is by gently, on a low speed, lifting and heating the roots and rough-drying it in a controlled way."

Of course, the rest of the tutorial is a bit more complex than that, and includes particular products (antibacterial and anti-static detangler, bulking spritz, real bristle barrel brushes, rollers, hairspray, and finishing product) as well as a little bit of math (you've got to start with a 75% to 85% wet head). Watch the rest in the video below.