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Apple Dropped the Price of Its Watch

Photo: Georgie Wileman/Getty Images

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The news Apple shared at its iPhone SE and iPad Pro event today is sure to please Apple Watch consumers, but it doesn't bode well for the health of its latest big accessory. The Apple Watch price will drop to $299 from $349, and that's the new standard starting price, The Verge reports. There's no Apple Watch 2 imminent; the price is simply going down.

Sites like Groupon have held flash sales on the gadget and big box stores such as Target and Best Buy have similarly cut the price. It seems as though Apple is simply getting in line.

The company is also tapping into one aspect of its watches that works, and that's the bands. Apple shared that one-third of Apple Watch owners switch bands regularly. So the company is introducing more band options for customers to play with. The "spring lineup" includes new colors of the sport and leather bands, there's also a new black version of the Milanese strap and a completely new woven nylon option.

Apple Watch sales have been disappointing since launching and the company is still trying to close the wearables gap between itself and Fitbit. There were rumors the Apple Watch 2 would be available in April.

The new pricing is already live at Apple's website.