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Crucial Update

Bridget Jones Is Now a SoulCycling Mom in the First Trailer for ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’

Photo: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

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A lot changed in the time between Pride and Prejudice's publication in 1813 and its 2001 filmic reinterpretation, Bridget Jones' Diary. But arguably even more has changed in the 15 years since the first movie came out (SoulCycle! Ed Sheeran!). In the series' second sequel, Bridget Jones experiences both of these things, as well as the universal miracle-slash-terror of motherhood.

Released today, the first trailer for Bridget Jones' Baby shows our hero walking down the aisle, arm-in-arm with her father, until we realize that no, she isn't marrying Colin Firth. Instead, she's a SoulCycling, martini-drinking single news program producer, who accidentally becomes pregnant.

The twist: Thanks to the introduction of one McDreamy (i.e. Patrick Dempsey) she doesn't know whether the father is him or the original Mr. Darcy. Watch the whole thing below.