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Kardashians Continue Matching Easter Outfit Tradition

Photo: Fame Flynet

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When the Kardashian Jenner family & co. went to church in matching outfits last Easter, they got a lot of attention. So they obviously did it again this year. While attending an Easter church service in Los Angeles on Sunday, nearly every member of the extended Kardashian sphere wore a take on an all-white pantsuit.

Modeling this look in full was Khloe, who added a white turtleneck, a white hat, and white pumps:

Then there was Kourtney, who paired a white lace top with white wide-leg trousers:

Mason also wore all-white, with the added bonus of a very European-soccer-dude haircut:

Kris also wore a white blazer, but did so over black pants and a black button-down because she is the boss:

Did Kim wear all white? You bet Kim wore all white, as did her grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell, which this slightly horrifying Snap reveals:

Was Kanye too cool to dress like the rest of his family? NOPE.

Other things Kanye isn't too cool for: wearing an Easter bunny suit to the delight of his daughter.

Notably not in all white: Kendall and Kylie, meanwhile, wore blue and black monochrome, respectively:

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Points for the bunny, however, who happily took part in the trend.

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