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Rihanna Made Wearing Pastels on Easter Actually Cool

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

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Wearing head-to-toe pastel has never a particularly cool way to dress, but it's even less cool on Easter Sunday, when streets are a literal sea of baby blue, powder pink, and various shades of lavender. Rihanna, however, found the solution to this problem: Wear a track suit so aggressively pastel that it basically looks like it's been dip-dyed, Easter egg–style.

Before performing at an Easter Sunday concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Rihanna wore a rainbow sweatsuit, baby blue pumps, and a silver metallic handbag. Those glasses, by the way, are Moschino, and come in yellow, black, and pink varieties for £215 (that's about $306). Sadly, however, they're only available to ship in the UK.

Next year, your challenge will be to wear something just as cool, cozy, and Easter-y festive as this.