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Miley Cyrus’ New ‘Swedish Porn Star’ Haircut Is Actually Really Cute

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/Getty Images

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Long has "You look like a porn star" been a not-very-polite thing to say to someone, but no longer. Ever since one porn makeup artist's mind-boggling before-and-after photo transformations went viral, "You look like a porn star" pretty much translates to "You're literally a wizard."

Also providing evidence that porn stars should be our true beauty icons: Miley Cyrus' latest haircut. "#justgotbanged #natural #swedishpornstar," her stylist Chris McMillan captioned the photo below.

Though I haven't fact-checked his precise choice of adjective, as I am currently in a working office using a company-owned computer and surrounded by my colleagues, I can confirm that this cut is very adorable. May "Swedish porn star hair" forever be synonymous with awkwardly short bangs and platinum hair that looks like it just got out of bed, and probably actually did.