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Crucial Update

Did Donald Trump Photoshop a White Model to Make Her Appear Black?

Photo: Eric Ming/Twitter

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Here is your daily reminder that Donald Trump is merely an orange mannequin being controlled by the family of birds nested on his head (which is a huge insult to the birds): First reported by Eric Ming, the digital director for Donna Edwards’ Senate campaign, and pointed out by Jezebel, it appears that Trump photoshopped one of the models in his webstore to appear black.

An almost identical image to the one on Trump's site appears on JCG Apparel, which prints wholesale custom clothing. The only difference is that the model is white.

If Trump did Photoshop the model—which, like, hello?—it would only be one of a handful of reprehensible things Trump has done this week. A couple of days ago, a group of black students were thrown out of a Trump rally in Georgia for absolutely no reason.

We have reached out to JCG Apparel to confirm whether or not they are involved with Trump's merchandise.