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Gigi Hadid Wears Denim Trench Coat Over Denim Over Denim

Photo: Fame Flynet

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Like denim? So does Gigi Hadid. Here she is wearing denim on denim on denim, with a bottle of Nesquik (which she totally drinks because supermodels, they're just like us!).

Her outfit includes:

1) A denim trench coat.

1.a) Think about that for a second.

2) Denim-colored sweatpants emblazoned with a dinosaur.

3) Circle shades.

4) A denim trench coat, which once again is insane, over a denim shirt.

5) Messybun.

6) iPhone.

6.a) Honestly I still haven't wrapped my mind about this denim trenchcoat.

7) Bottle of Nesquik.

Here is that look in full:

Does seeing said denim trenchcoat in the flesh help you understand the concept any better? Me neither.