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Crucial Update

Kim and Kylie Demonstrate the Dangers of Snapchat's New Face Swap Filter

MTV/MTV1415/Getty Images

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Though the natural passage of time is already morphing Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner into a single human being, last night, they sped up the process using Snapchat's highly entertaining new face swap filter.

Little did they know, however, the sisters were demonstrating its most dangerous aspect — that is, accidentally saying something like, "I look ugly," only to realize you're wearing the other person's face.

In the first video, Kylie immediately remarks, "I look really good," to which Kim replied, "You do. I look ... okay." Kylie then says, "I've always wanted to look like you." YOUR TURN TO PASS ON A COMPLIMENT, KIM.

Kim, however, does not use this opportunity to give Kylie's face a compliment. Instead, she says, "I just thought you always had a really small face..." So close.

"Your face looks really good," she says to Kylie, who, let us remind you, is wearing Kim's face. Kylie exclaims, "You don't look good, but that's my face!" There's still time to say something nice, Kim!

Though sadly, Kim never actually ends up saying anything nice about Kylie's face, the sisters ended up discovering that when one person sticks their tongue out, it shows up coming out of the other person's mouth, which, really, is exactly the kind of thing the face swap filter should be used for.