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Crucial Update

The Stuff on Harry Style’s Lip Could Be Any of the Following, But It’s Not a Mustache

Photo: Everything_Is_Onedirection/Instagram

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Some of Twitter, a bit of Instagram, and Teen Vogue are claiming that Harry Styles has a mustache. Maybe it's understandable that teens are still getting their footing when it comes to recognizing what is and is not facial hair, but this is a ridiculous claim. At best, the darkened parts of Style's upper lip is a five o'clock shadow. At best.

The standard-bearer of tiny mustaches is Justin Bieber's blonde abomination. See it. Learn it. Call it a mustache, that's fine. But note the differences between Style's and Bieber's patches, which include, but are not limited to length, texture, and presence of hair. Other stuff that could be populating Styles's upper lip:

  • Dirt
  • Coffee
  • Discoloration due to unprofessional lighting
  • Sand
  • Cinnamon and sugar
  • Cinnamon and sugar and spice and everything nice
  • A chocolate milk mustache, but definitely not a real one
  • The shadow from a passing piece of string caught in the wind
  • Cake by the ocean
  • Residue from fake mustache adhesive
  • Not a mustache