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Ruby Rose Thinks ‘Airport Style’ Is Garbage, Too

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Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth/Galore

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Blame paparazzi culture, blame the advent of fancy sweatpants that look like your dad's but are actually $1,400 and Vetements, or blame Kendall Jenner. Either way, "airport style" — or the practice of wearing anything besides decade-old leggings and a giant portable blanket while traveling — is very much a thing, and Ruby Rose think's it's just as garbage as you do.

In an interview with Galore magazine, the Orange Is the New Black star talked about her relationship with fashion, namely that she doesn't exactly consider herself a part of it. "I'm always just in awe of Gigi Hadid, all of those girls — €”Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall, Cara," she says. "They are all at the airport as if it's their runway, and I'm like, What?!"

She continues on this thread, lamenting: "The airport is not a place! How did they make it a place? It's like a place where amazingly good-looking people showcase their wardrobes, and where I look grumpy or really tired. If you look perfect at the airport, you're not a human!"

Next time you're waiting in line at JFK in your 8th grade Uggs, just remember: Ruby Rose feels you.