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If Rihanna Were a Sock, She Would Be This Sock

Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images
Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

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Rihanna has been putting her status as the world's most marketable celebrity to good use, signing on to design shoes and clothing for Puma and, most recently, a beauty collection with LVMH that can't not do gangbusters when it goes on sale at Sephora in 2017. The lady is making serious money. Which is why it's so charming and fun that she's also in the middle of a collaboration with the California-based sock company Stance, and will be until her contract is up in 2018. Socks! The things you use to make hand puppets. Socks! The only corner of big business that puts a silly smile on the face.

Anyhoo, Rihanna released a teaser for her spring 2016 Stance collection on Thursday. It features some excellent sheer styles with athletic stripes at the ankle and similarly sporty thigh-highs with no foot. It really makes you question what makes a sock, a sock.

Speaking of hosiery-related introspection, Rihanna declares at the end of the clip: "Really it's me, in a collection of socks." So there you have it. This is Rihanna. This is Rihanna, the sock.