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Prince George's Tiny Baby Face Will Be on a Stamp

Photo: Handout/Getty Images

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Coming soon to a stamp near you: Prince George's pink, perfectly rotund baby cheeks. In honor of his great-grandmother "Gan-Gan" Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday tomorrow, the Royal Mail has released a new collection of stamps, one of which features the face of two-year-old elbow patch savant George.

The stamp image will be taken from the above family portrait, which is a nod to the future of the monarchy. After Queen Elizabeth II retires, the crown will go to her son Charles (left), then to his son William (right), and finally to the cherubic professional baby critic in the center.

Here's what the stamp in question will look like, which sadly does not feature George's tiny shorts, socks, nor his shoes, but will happily include his adorable Peter Pan collar: