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Rihanna’s $80 Puma Fur Slides Already Sold for $1,000 on eBay

Photo: Puma

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Rihanna's Puma fur slides launched this morning at 10am, and it didn't take long before the fuzzy sandals sold out everywhere.

Meaning, of course, that the only place you can get them right now is eBay. You might not be shocked to learn that resellers are cranking up the prices. It's not yet reached Yeezy Boost levels of overpricing, but we're talking significantly more than the $80 price Puma set for these plastic and faux fur sandals.

Right now, there are over 300 listings for Rihanna Puma slides. The average sales price for the sandals is currently $174, according to eBay's What's It Worth tool and an eBay PR rep.

Of the auction-style listings, bidders are pushing prices to over well over $200. This one is at $305 right now with over 41 bids and 20 hours left to go. Of those auction-style listings, it definitely seems like the pink sandals are the hottest commodity of the bunch — this pink 7.5 size sandal sold for $300.

But in more unbelievable news, eBay confirmed that someone bought a pair of black fur slides for $1,000. This dedicated shopper, with size 6.5 feet, has earned today's title of Rihanna's biggest fan.