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Crucial Update

What Happens in a Kimoji Meeting?

Photo: Kimoji

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Kim tweeted "Kimoji meeting" last night, which means she was in a meeting about Kimojis most likely! But what does a Kimoji meeting look like? Ideally, it's Kim, in a room, saying nouns while someone takes notes:

"Hi. Pickle. Tall monkey. Lumee. Bathroom lamp. Black bars. Choker. Butts. Other butts. Butt that's a peach but you know it's a butt. My ear. My ankle. My chin. My elbow. Bra. Contour. Strobing. Hot pocket. Braids. Yeezy. Corset. Pterodactyl. Ham sandwich. Epcot. Rolls Royce. Baby North. Toddler North. Baby Saint. Bagel. Bugle. Bugles. Bandito. Bentley. Bento box. Hot box. Teatox. Crown. Tiara. Thrasher shirt. Pants. Jeans. Jeans with knee rips. A fur. Passport. Unicorn. Pigs literally flying. Wolf. Eiffel Tower. Big cats. Skunk. Firefighter. White Jesus. Black Jesus. Eggs. Weed. Moneeeeey. Cups. Solo cups. Sleep mask. Soup. Stripper heels. Stripper pole. Me, but as a stripper. Tweezers. Mascara. Flag. Champagne. Cake. Santa hat. Lipstick. Lipgloss. Lip Kits. My lips. Hair dryer. Hoop earrings. A rubber ducky. Disembodied eyebrows. Okay. Thanks."