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Harry Styles Wore Dad Socks, and It’s Really Just Doing It for Me

Photo: Fame Flynet

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Harry Styles' latest look may strike you as incredibly boring at best and an unforgivable instance of Harry covering up his long, glorious locks with a hat at worst. But it's actually much better than both of those things.

First, here is this outfit in full:

Photo: Fame Flynet

You see, unlike certain other former members of a certain tragically defunct boy band, Harry Styles isn't using trendy fashion labels as a tool to rebrand himself. He's too busy using your grandmother's couch as a suit and wearing floral collars instead of bow ties.

This latest outfit, which he wore in LA while pumping his own gas (!) is a prime example of that: Harry has managed to combine hilariously ugly sneakers, Nike shorts, a brown, brand-less jumper, a nondescript beanie, and the socks your dad wore on vacation in the '90s.

This is a look worn by someone who's taking his much-deserved career break seriously, by not giving one single thought as to what his clothes are trying to say. It is the anti-Zayn, and even though we may soon see a time when Harry Styles starts dressing like every other young male pop star, right now it is exactly what we need in the world.