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Reese Witherspoon, Noted Southern Belle, Keeps Homemade Pies in Her Purse

Photo: Draper James/Youtube

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Real Southern belles know to always carry around freshly-baked pies in their purses, just in case you get invited to someone's house and they're like, "Did you bring any pie?" This bit of intel is shared in Reese Witherspoon's latest ad for her fashion brand Draper James.

In the clip, entitled "A Southern Guide to Daily Necessities," "daily necessities" translates to totally commonplace items like hot hair rollers, cowboy boots, a badminton racket, chicken and waffles, a mint julep, and a purse containing an even smaller purse.

All this, of course, gets nestled inside a tote bag emblazoned with the phrase "Totes y'all." Watch it below.