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This Bag Brand Is Taking Mansur Gavriel Copying to a Whole New Level

Photo: Armadio/Facebook

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Last month, news broke that Mansur Gavriel is suing other companies who've produced handbags that are eerily similar to the famous MG bucket bag. Now here's a made-in-Italy brand that appears to be replicating not only Mansur Gavriel's bucket bag, but also its Lady bag, tote bag, and backpack.

The company is called Armadio, and The Cut just posted about the brand today as an inexpensive minimalist bag source. Mansur Gavriel was mentioned, but The Cut weirdly didn't call out the many, obvious similarities between Armadio's $300+ designs and Mansur Gavriel's.

It's probably easier to just let the photos speak for themselves:

Photo: Armadio Brema bag

Photo: Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

Photo: Armadio Augusta bag

Photo: Mansur Gavriel Lady bag

Photo: Armadio backpack

Photo: Mansur Gavriel backpack

Photo: Armadio Colonia tote bag

Photo: Mansur Gavriel tote bag

Armadio even seems to be jacking Mansur Gavriel's overall brand aesthetic. There might be questions over whether or not Mansur Gavriel can claim legal ownership of the bucket bag, but this whole thing seems suspect.


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