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Princess Charlotte’s Adorable Birthday Portraits Are Here

Photo: Twitter/Kensington Palace

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Now, everyone knows it's not nice to pit babies against one another according to their overall cuteness — but I think it's fair to say that if you were to play such a game, Princess Charlotte (and her rosy-cheeked, knee-sock-loving big brother Prince George) would emerge as the winner each and every time. I mean, just look as these new photos Kate Middleton snapped of her baby daughter in honor of her first birthday tomorrow. Those big blue eyes!

That "who, me?!" gaze worthy of a Vogue Bambini cover:

That...cart full of blocks!

Even her itty-bitty royal hands are photo-ready:

In all of the photos, Princess Charlotte wears her signature look: a floral dress, tights, and a tiny cardigan, all in pretty pastel hues. Yep — definitely the world's cutest (almost-) one-year-old.