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Zayn Wears Creepy Colored Contacts in His ‘Like I Would’ Music Video — But Are They as Cool as Kanye's?

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Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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What's the latest way to say, "I'm not a regular dude musician, I'm a cool dude musician?" Really creepy contact lenses! At last week's Met Gala, Kanye paired his spaceman jacket with jeans (jeans!) and icy blue eyes, and now, former second-hottest member of One Direction has done the same in his latest music video.

In the new vid for "Like I Would," Zayn wears a neon suit and adds not two, but oddly just one creepy orange contact lens.

It looks like this:

Photo: Youtube

Meanwhile, here are Kanye's again:

Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images



Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images



Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the next hot male musician, this husky puppy:

Photo: Michael Ebardt/Shutterstock