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Cool Teen Lorde Pronounces Vetements ‘Uncool’

Vetements's DHL shirt on the runway. Photo: Kay-Paris Fernandes/Getty Images
Vetements's DHL shirt on the runway. Photo: Kay-Paris Fernandes/Getty Images

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If you were about to purchase a $330 Vetements DHL T-shirt, or perhaps a $6 model from DHL's own merch site in a bargain play for trendiness, take that thing out of your shopping cart right this second. Do not delay. Hit delete, shut your computer, unplug your charger from the wall, turn off the lights, throw a blanket over your head, and listen to me: Vetements is uncool now.

So says cool teen Lorde, at least. [Ed note: I do not mean that mockingly. Lorde is genuinely the coolest.] On Sunday, she delivered this series of fatal tweets.

She's not wrong, of course. The way those Vetements DHL tees surged onto Instagram and the backs of street style stars at fashion week — representing the perfect mix of irony and insider-ness — the trend had to jump the shark at some point. And in the wake of that oversaturation, Demna Gvasalia and his team will come up with something else that will go viral. (Perhaps that white shirt for fall 2016 that reads: "YOU FUCK'N ASSHOLE"?)

So, to those fans who are responding to Lorde with lines like "NOBODY VALUES YOUR OPINION" and "WHERES YOUR ALBUM," chill. She's just telling what we already knew, even if we didn't want to acknowledge it because we just received confirmation that our DHL shirt has shipped.

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