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Kate Middleton Went Boxing in Heels and a Banana Republic Skirt

Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images

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In yet another edition of Kate Middleton heroically playing sports while wearing heels, Kate Middleton went boxing today, wearing totally boxing-friendly shoes heels.

At the launch of her Heads Together campaign for mental health, Kate visited London's Olympic Park alongside Prince William and Prince Harry. After speaking about the importance of physical activity as a way to reduce stress, they each took a turn demonstrating their boxing skills with three-weight world champion Duke McKenzie, who described Harry as "a natural," Will as "reserved" and Kate as an "absolutely lovely, sincere person full of charm," according to ITV.

Here's video evidence of Kate being an "absolutely lovely" boxer:

As for the rest of her outfit, the graphic print skirt is Banana Republic, though predictably doesn't appear to be available online. You can, however, still shop her Goat "Binky" blouse, albeit in black, here.

Here's the full look:

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Yep, just three royals, totally ready to box.