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This Is the Exact Hat Beloved by Both Anne Hathaway and Harry Styles

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Looking for a conversation topic for the next time you bump into Harry Styles at the gas station or Anne Hathaway at, I dunno, wherever Anne Hathaway hangs out? Buy the hat they both own.

Yesterday, BuzzFeed noticed that both Styles and Hathaway have worn the exact same newsboy cap, positing that Styles stole it from her, which is of course entirely possible. Hathaway, who loves a hat, wore it last April while out for a walk with her husband Adam Shulman:

Photo: Fame Flynet

Meanwhile, Styles, who also loves a hat, was photographed wearing the same one (while rudely covering up his new haircut) just this week in London:

An easier way to wear this very newsboy cap than stealing it from Anne Hathaway via Harry Styles? Buy it yourself. It's actually the "Papou Authentic Greek Fisherman" hat by the popular brand Goorin Brothers:

It costs $70, but being in the same hat league as Harry Styles and Anne Hathaway? Priceless.