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A Complete History of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Matching Outfits

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Today marks Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's second wedding anniversary. Yes, believe it or not, it's been a full two years since Hollywood's reigning power couple tied the knot in that lavish Italian castle. And for those of us who measure the passage of time by how grown-up North West and Blue Ivy Carter look ('fess up, you do it too), it's certainly an occasion worth celebrating.

In their collective 730 days of marriage thus far, Kim and Kanye have both encouraged each other to achieve new levels of greatness, as wedded folk are wont to do. She's broken the internet (at least twice) and authored a book of selfies! He's become a full-blown fashion designer and announced his plan to run for president in 2020! And, of course, they've welcomed their second child Saint West into the world. But no matter how much these two A-list lovebirds have individually evolved and accomplished since their wedding day, one thing hasn't changed a bit: Kim and Kanye love to dress alike. Perfectly, precisely, and sometimes downright eerily alike.

For proof, click through the gallery above to revisit all the times Kimye proved that when it comes to their marriage, they're in it to twin it.