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Rita Ora Is Not Becky With the Good Hair, as Her Met Gala Selfie With Beyoncé Proves

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

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Following rampant speculation that she could be the lyin', cheatin' "Becky with the good hair" Beyoncé calls out in her new song "Sorry," Rita Ora found an ideal way to put all those rumors to rest at last night's Met Gala: by snapping a selfie with the Lemonade singer herself.

Photo: Snapchat/Rita Ora

Yeah, between Bey's very genuine-looking grin and Rita's choice of caption — "Family" — it's looking less and less likely that she's Becky. In case you missed it, Rita also addressed the accusations on Twitter last week:

Interestingly (but not entirely surprisingly), Jay Z did not attend the Met Gala last night, probably to avoid being pelted with lemons of either the verbal or literal variety.