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The Best Hats from the Kentucky Derby So Far

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The Kentucky Derby isn't until tomorrow, but the main attractions — the hats, of course! — are already filling Churchill Downs. Today is Oaks Day, otherwise known as yet another day to drink one too many mint juleps and make ill-advised bets on the horse with the funniest-sounding name.

So far, this year's hats seem to adhere to a decidedly pink theme, with plenty of magenta, fuchsia, and pastel hues in the mix. This also isn't limited to the women — there seem to be a high amount of pink suits, salmon oxford shirts, and even one aggressively pink take on the Pope's hat.

Other notable hats include a towering bonnet made of flowers, a Kate Middleton-esque blue fascinator, and one hat that's less of a hat and more like a single giant bow. Scroll through the gallery above to see the best toppers so far, and then look for one of your very own for tomorrow's grand finale.