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I Would Eat Kate Middleton’s Hat

Me when I see the airport Cinnabon, too.
Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

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Kate Middleton wears a lot of hats. I mean that in the figurative sense, sure. Mother, hair model, palace brand-builder, Duchess of Cambridge (or “princess” to us garbage Americans with no sense of monarchical progression), and more. But she wears a lot of literal hats, too, like fascinators, which are a mix between a real hat and a hair clip, but aren’t good at being either in any sort of practical sense. The British can’t get enough of them even so.

Anyway, today, Kate should eat her hat — not because she lost a bet, but because it looks delicious.

I can’t even tell the difference! I’ll take one of each and eat them both! Yum!

She wore the cinnamon bun art-piece accessory today in Northern Ireland at the Hillsborough Castle Annual Garden Party. The coat is an old standby from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, but the fascinator is a fresh addition that she acquired from Lock Hatters.

Here’s a small, non-fashion fact about the trip: When Kate and William are in this region, their official titles revert to the Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus, which has the unique honor of sounding like a swear, a disease, a Disney villain, and a cheese-based pudding all at once. Double yum!