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Kim Kardashian Poses ‘As You’ve Never Seen Her’ on GQ, But You Def Have

Photo: GQ

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The July 2016 issue of GQ, fronted by a certain famous churro maker, blares the following cover line: "Kim Kardashian As You’ve Never Seen Her." No offense, but this is a BIG LIE.

Consider the cover image:

Have you seen Kim Kardashian wear a leather jacket incorrectly? For sure. So maybe the magazine is referring to the photos on the inside of the magazine! Let’s take a look.

In the first photo, she’s wearing a swimsuit. Have you seen her wear a swimsuit? Definitely. In the second, she's in a trench coat. Seen it? Yes. In the third, she’s wearing a swimsuit again, and we’ve been over this. In the fourth, she’s lying in bed, and you can kind of see her nipple. We’ve seen that too. In the fifth, she’s wearing fur. Seen it. The sixth is basically just butt. Come on.

Final tally? Seven images, and it’s still Kim Kardashian as you’ve already seen her. Naturally, there’s nothing wrong with posing nude or publishing nude photos, but all we ask is that you not lie to us, GQ. Because really, it's about ethics in journalism.

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