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Outdoor Voices Launches $150 Set of Artsy Yoga Blocks

Photo: Outdoor Voices

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Who knew the humble yoga block needed a makeover? Leave it to fashion-y athleisure brand Outdoor Voices, which is known for its pared-down take on exercise clothing, without a hint of neon or logos in sight.

Today, OV is launching its first set of fitness accessories, or what it is calling a "Shapes Bundle," and it's so minimal and so Outdoor Voices. The three-piece solid cork set — including a roller, a block, and a triangle — was designed in partnership with Sina Sohrab and Joseph Guerra of New York industrial design studio Visibility.

Why cork? Not only does it look architectural, Outdoor Voices says the material is lightweight, anti-microbial, and slip- and sweat-resistant.

It's an investment, however, to have the coolest yoga blocks in your class, since the set of cork shapes costs $150. See the shapes in action, as modeled by instructors at Vogue's favorite yoga studio, Sky Ting Yoga.

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