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Amy Schumer Lands Her First Vogue Cover, Despite Being ‘Happy to Remain Out’ of Fashion

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With whispers that Kendall Jenner will be Vogue's September issue cover girl, at least one thing’s for sure: Amy Schumer has the July issue in the bag.

Here's her cover:

Accompanying a shoot by Annie Leibovitz set mostly in Central Park is Schumer's profile, in which she discusses the upcoming movie she co-wrote with Jennifer Lawrence, her preference for New York over LA, and her personal style. ("I think that there’s a misconception in fashion that everybody wants in. I am very happy to remain out.") Paradoxically, she then does something every person in fashion wishes they could do: swap jobs with Anna Wintour for a day.

In a sketch (that she wrote, of course), Schumer and Wintour both attempt to prove they could handle the other’s jobs by — what else? — trading places. While Schumer struggles to determine the difference between two identical sweaters, Wintour kills it at one of New York’s most famous comedy clubs.

Watch the whole thing below.