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Miley Cyrus’s Bandana Pants Are a Thing of Beauty

Photo: FameFlynet

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These days, the outfits Miley Cyrus wears no longer provoke shock or outrage. Humans are thankfully an adaptable species, and we’ve come a long way since 2013! But that can’t stop us from marveling at how many ‘90s trends Miley, the walking embodiment of Tumblr, managed to pack into a single outfit yesterday.

Paparazzi captured the singer as she was leaving Woody Allen’s New York office dressed in what appears to be the full contents of Topanga and Cory’s closets. It’s an outfit that says, “Hey, I read the internet." Here’s an itemized list of the most ‘90s elements of her look, in no specific order:

  • A bandana, but pants
  • Pool slides
  • With socks
  • A choker
  • Ninja Turtles T-shirt
  • Denim jacket

Special shout-out to the the bandana reimagined as pants here. Any Coachella teen will tell you that bandanas are back, baby, but Miley takes it to the next level. Here’s the full outfit in all its glory:

Photo: FameFlynet

Do note that this guy (A friend? Entourage member? Sous chef? Bodyguard? Innocent bystander?) is doing the bandana correctly.

And he knows it.