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Rihanna Dances Alone in a Glorious Glittery Onesie in the ‘This Is What You Came For’ Video

Photo: YouTube

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Often in Rihanna videos, we’re treated a number of costume changes (see: the fur-lined bustier, the patchwork denim coat, and all the other looks from the "Bitch Better Have My Money" video). But in her latest, there is but one: a glorious, trash bag-esque glittery onesie, perfect for dancing alone in a giant neon box.

Which, of course, is exactly what the "This Is What You Came For" video is. With the company of only her bad self, Rihanna pairs her slouchily glamorous, bedtime-ready, drop-crotch onesie with a high ponytail adorned with a whole bunch of gems. The look essentially embodies the ideal state of being for anyone listening to the song.

Another thing that makes this video great: the absence of literally anyone else. (Calvin Harris is technically there, but he’s covered in shadows and it’s only for like, a second, and those background people don’t count.) Watch it below, and then try and tell me you don't want to be wearing that exact same glittery trash bag all summer long.

Update! We now know whom to thank for Rihanna's glorious glittery onesie. It's the work of recent Pratt graduate and Brooklyn-based designer Isabel Hall as part of her senior thesis collection, which you can see here: