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The Kimoji Merchandise Store Is Finally Here, and It’s Full of Butt Stuff

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Photo: Kimoji

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The day we were warned of has come: Kimoji merchandise is here. As of today, Kim Kardashian’s emoji app now has an online store, where customers can shop for everything from a phone case with Kim Kardashian’s butt on it to wrapping paper with Kim Kardashian’s butt on it!

Alongside this veritable wonderland of butt-themed items for purchase are other items, like phone cases with the crying Kimoji face, a text bubble that says "Lit," Valentine’s Day candy hearts that say "Send Nudes," plus some wrapping paper printed with images of Kim's enormous diamond ring that would be highly useful for a very mean engagement prank.

Below, some highlights.

Cry face phone case, $28
"Send Nudes" phone case, $28
Butt collage wrapping paper, $35
Engagement wrapping paper, $35

Shop even more here.