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What Hyper-Specific Summer 2016 Fashion Trend Should You Go For?

Yep, this. Definitely do this.
Photo: Emily Malan/Racked

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It's a question we must ask ourselves four times a year: What should my vibe be this season? Unfortunately, it's also fraught with hazards: "Is this vibe tired?", "Does this vibe vibe with all my past vibes?", "Will my friends' vibes vibe with my vibe?", and "Did I already try this vibe three years ago and fail spectacularly and have simply refused to learn from my past failed vibes?" are all very real, very valid concerns.

Therefore, we've put together a helpful (i.e. completely random) guide to finding your perfect highly-specific #summersixteen look. The next time you leave the house, you'll stand out from the hordes of bandana-, choker-, and off-the-shoulder dress-wearing masses. Disclaimer: If anyone gives you weird looks on the street, it's just because they're jealous.