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Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham Has Passed Away

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The iconic New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham has passed away at the age of 87, the Times reported on Saturday.

Cunningham, who suffered a stroke earlier in the week, was a hallmark of the fashion industry and a reminder that, at the heart of it, lies daily dedication and passion.

Times executive editor Dean Baquet remembers Cunningham as a “hugely ethical journalist” — as motivated to cover the fashions of everyday New Yorkers on the street as he was to shoot society fixtures at benefits or big-name editors at Fashion Week. Already known for his style-focused photography, Cunningham only became more renowned after a documentary about his life and career, Bill Cunningham New York, debuted in 2010.

Even in a business as appreciative of unimpressed cool as fashion can be, those working in it were grateful for Cunningham’s cheering presence. Few people manage to put a smile on the faces of nearly everyone they encounter. Bill Cunningham, in his vivid blue workman’s jacket, really did.