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Jaden Smith’s Go-To Suitcase Is Also a Scooter

Photo: AliExpress

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Look at this scooter suitcase! Look how functional it is! The thing appears to have been reverse engineered for Jaden Smith, Will and Jada Smith's art project gone rogue. He's half teen, half alien, which makes him the perfect spokesman for an item that's half luggage, half toy. Jaden's exact suitcase costs $400 and is available from Micro, a kickboard brand, but Olaf makes a slightly cheaper version. Look at him go!

Look at him go back in December!

Look at him go again, back in March!

Look at him acknowledge his fans!

Every celebrity needs a signature status bag, and this is Jaden's. All the functionality of adulthood with all the fun of childhood! Wow!