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Lily-Rose Depp’s Prom Dress Is Just Not Fair, Okay?!

Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

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Despite accomplishing glamorous, grown-up feats like attending Cannes and landing Chanel campaigns, here is a reminder that celebrity spawn and tiny pair of cheekbones Lily-Rose Depp is still a mere teenager: She went to prom!

But oh wait, just kidding! Before you, non-celebrity, feel like you finally have something in common with Lily-Rose Depp, don't worry. It wasn't that kind of prom. You see, Lily-Rose Depp did not experience a horrific spray tanning mishap or accidentally cement her eyelid shut with lash glue or make any of the same mistakes you or I would make as teenagers entrusted with making ourselves look not terrible for a night.

Lily-Rose Depp, along with her other celebrity spawn-friend Harley Quinn Smith, looked like this:

(Note: "Bratzi" is a made-up term meaning "a Canadian Nazi made of bratwurst" from Yoga Hosers, Kevin James's movie that Harley Quinn and Lily-Rose both star in; and no, we don't know what this movie is about, either.)


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Once again, Lily-Rose Depp is 17, and you are a thousand.