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Watch a Teenage Drake Perform Improv in a Giant Sweatsuit

Photo: NBC/Getty Images

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What's a young Canadian with big dreams and an even bigger sweatsuit to do? Join a teen improv comedy troupe, of course!

Complex surfaced footage of a tiny teenage Drake, née Aubrey Graham, at an improv performance at the Rivoli Theater in Toronto. The jokes revolve around weightlifting, teen pregnancy, and shared homosexuality. It's not good comedy by any objective sense of the word, but it is delightful — mostly because Aubrey does some awkward dancing in his gigantic outfit.

This experience — along with Drake's years on Degrassi, of course — has really honed his comedy acting skills to the point where he's a Saturday Night Live staple. It should give hope to all ye comedy hopefuls that these improv moves...

...eventually led to these SNL moves.

Yes, and that's basically the same outfit!