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The New Trump Logo Looks Like Every ‘90s Sportswear Brand

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Likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump revealed his official campaign logo today, and as many a jokester on the internet has noted, it looks like sex.

But a few people in the more fashion-y corners of the internet have noticed that the logo looks like something else: a style of branding closely associated with delightfully tacky sportswear from the 1990s.

Mused writer Ayesha Siddiqi:

This is very true! The Trump/Pence logo does look like any number of fashion logos from two decades ago. But the question remains: which one?

It might be Ralph Lauren Sport:

It might be Phat Farm:

It might be Tommy Hilfiger:

It might be a badly Photoshopped amalgamation of Champion, Reebok, and Nautica. Either way, stay tuned for the inevitable accompanying fragrance launch.

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