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How to Look Cute When It’s Freezing Out

As told by Instagram.

A woman in a brown teddy coat Photo: @viktoria.dahlberg

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Getting dressed stops being fun after temperatures dip below 50 degrees (or 60, for you West Coasters), when functionality and warmth take priority over looking cute. The dilemma only continues when, in most parts of the country, we’re facing brutal cold one day and unseasonably high temps the next. Joy!

Combatting this isn’t as hard as it seems, though. All your wardrobe truthfully needs is two things: variety and a little imagination. When you don’t know what to expect going into the winter months, you have to think a bit outside the box, pairing puffers with dresses and sweatshirts with heels and keeping just about every coat you have in rotation.

And since that’s obviously easier said than done, we hit Instagram (where else?) for some inspiration. Here, you’ll find 11 looks that make the best out of a confusing, chilly situation. And lucky for you, there’s a good chance you can replicate them with what’s already in your closet.

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Matching your accessories is an easy stand-out move, especially if they’re red!

One of the best investments you can make during the temperamental, inconsistent months in late fall and early winter is a warm-enough statement coat.

Another prime example that teddy coats are still going strong.

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Swap your midi-skirts with longer options made of heavier fabrics, like leather or suede.

White boots: Still a thing.

A good pair of tall boots is an investment that pays off year-round. For now, tuck your jeans into them.

For those in warmer parts of the country, keep your summer dresses in rotation by throwing a festive sweater on top.

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Pairing a mini skirt with tights and a puffer coat is what compromise looks like, people!

Getting tired of your jeans? Swap in corduroys instead — preferably in a really bright, distracting color.

Liven up your full sweatsuit (although it’s kind of already cool on its own?) with a long, fun coat.

When you can match both your pants and your shoes to your coat, do it.