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CW Pencil Enterprise Is a Retro Delight

‘Just Browsing’ explores a modern-day pencil store.

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A pencil store may not sound like the savviest 21st-century business endeavor. But CW Pencil Enterprise is proving that, yes, a pencil store can thrive in our digital age.

“The more evolved we get our devices and the technology, the more people crave the feeling of doing their work with something physical,” says Caroline Weaver, founder and owner of the New York City store. Pencils offer that grounding connection between a person and their work, whether it’s a professional artist or a school-age kid.

“It’s just a wonderful way to physically connect with the things you're writing, the stuff you're drawing,” says Weaver.

And a pencil is the simplest of objects: just wood, graphite, and clay. Unless you trick it out, of course: CW Pencil Enterprise’s most expensive item is a pencil with a platinum eraser cap, which will set you back a cool $525.

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