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Jewelry is an easy last-minute upgrade for any outfit. From bold to downright dainty, there's something here for nearly every style.


When it comes to bracelets, go big or go home. Massive cuffs, like the ones seen at Chanel and Victoria Beckham, are the season's go-to statement piece, with stunning styles in silver and gold.

FallFashionGuide_Accessories_Maiyet.0.jpg Maiyet, $950
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_JenniferFisher.0.jpg Jennifer Fisher, $2,685
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_COS.0.jpg COS, $59
Bold.0.jpg Laruicci, $475
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_Givenchy.0.jpg Givenchy, $550
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_RobertLeeMorris.0.jpg Robert Lee Morris, $1,750


Circles, triangles, and squares reigned supreme on the runways this season. This geometric take was everywhere from Saint Laurent to Carven, available in earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

FallFashionGuide_Accessories_Bidemann.0.jpg Aurelie Bidermann earrings, $414
Studio_Session-114-6.0.jpg Alexis Bittar necklace, $225
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_JoomiLim.0.jpg Joomi Lim bracelet, $495
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_HM.0.jpgH&M earrings, $8
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_Stella.0.jpgStella McCartney necklace, $575
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_OtherStories.0.jpg& Other Stories ring, $25


Dainty jewelry is a statement all its own. Subtle earrings and barely-there chain bracelets mimic the delicate trend seen at Gucci and Céline.

FallFashionGuide_Accessories_BingBang.0.jpg Bing Bang NYC ring, $70
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_Catbird.0.jpg Catbird bracelet, $220
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_KathleenWhitaker.0.jpg Kathleen Whitaker earring, $30
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_JennieKwon.0.jpg Jennie Kwon bracelet, $610
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_KhaiKhai.0.jpg Khai Khai earrings, $1,600
FallFashionGuide_Accessories_GilesBrother.0.jpg Giles & Brother necklace, $100

Image credits: Jonathan Simkhai knit turtleneck, $345. Neck Jewelry: Joomi Lim choker, $665; Joomi Lim double neck cuff with spikes, $215; Laruicci 18K gold plated brass necklace, $75; Maje nostalgia necklace, $125; Laruicci 18K gold plated metal taboo necklace, $150; Laruicci 18K gold plated metal risque necklace, $138. Left Hand: Jennifer Fisher brass small bow cuff, $495; Miansai gold plated layered cuff, $235. Salvatore Ferragamo cuff, $990; Jennifer Fisher brass cylinder cuff, $495; Jennifer Fisher brass cylinder ring, $290; Michelle Campbell square knuckle ring, $212; Arme De L'Amour gypsy sphere rings (set of 8), $300; Joomi Lim dot & dash rings (set of 2), $210. Right Hand: Alexis Bittar mirrored crescent hinge cuff in lucite, $445; Arme De L'Amour three sphere side cuff bracelet, $360; Jennifer Fisher brass bow ring, $280; Joomi Lim round and square ring set (set of 2), $120; Jennifer Fisher brass twisted cylinder ring, $285.

Photographer: Shanita Sims. Stylist: Michael Kozak. Assistant Stylist: Alex Robinson. Hair & Makeup: Jezz Hill. Model: Erica Candice at Request.