Allegra Lockstadt

Aidy Bryant

Actress and Comedian, Saturday Night Live

My parents had a box set of every episode of Pee-wee’s Playhouse. I became obsessed. I still wish my world looked like Pee-wees. Im pretty sure that Im lightly chasing Miss Yvonnes look: skirts that come in at the waist, teased hair, the highest heels. I also have a pair of Kate Spade Saturday loafers that look suspiciously like Pee-wees, but fit for a lady living in NYC.

I hunt for accessories with a Playhouse vibe, like Buried Diamond brooches and necklaces. I have a deep love of googly eyes, but it’s hard to find a casual way to wear them every day. I’ve compromised by wearing the most graphic, patterned Gorman or Karen Walker sunglasses I can find. I love to wear something serious with something fun, and if I look like Miss Yvonne in the process, then that’s a plus.

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