Fahren Feingold
My first favorite fashion moment was when I was a kid watching women get ready in film makeup rooms. It was like this secret society—they all had eyelash curlers and rollers in their hair and coffee. I felt like I was backstage at a ballet. It was like watching a symphony of women transform themselves. The lights on the mirrors were so romantic and cool and interesting. They would walk out really confident and proud. It forever stuck in my mind. I was like, four years old, and I was like "Ah. Makeup room. Got it."— Drew Barrymore, Actress and Producer
Since I was five years old, I’ve had a love of glamour and everything beautiful. Always. My dad used to say that the most expensive thing, the most beautiful thing, anywhere—if it was, like, a rock on the beach, a light in a window, it didn’t matter, but whatever it was—I would just beeline to it. And to this day, I love sequins, I love embellishment, I love all things glamorous. So I honestly think that’s what drove me. As a kid I didn’t know I could make a career out of that, but I’m fortunate that I did. — Rachel Zoe, Stylist
My mom has always been my inspiration. She has an outgoing, eccentric style and was always into accessories like hats, jewelry, and purses. I loved accessories from designers like Judith Leiber from a young age because of her. I think my first words were "Susan Bennis/Warren Edwards," which is an old shoe company. I’m obviously exaggerating, but my mom had so many boxes that that’s what I was reading as a kid. — Hannah Bronfman, Co-founder of Beautified
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