Fahren Feingold

Olivia Kim

Director of Creative Projects, Nordstrom

Esprit. When I was in the fourth grade, my mom bought me the most incredible sweatsuit. It was Esprit and was completely covered in a multicolored confetti print! I wore it almost every day for months. I loved it together as a matching confetti-covered set, I loved the sweatshirt with jeans or other pants, I loved the sweatpants with a different top (I loved the pants so much I got a hole in the knee), and I loved it so much that soon the confetti started to fade from all the washings and the hole grew too big.

I became obsessed with the California, West Coast vibe of Esprit’s branding and advertising campaigns: the logo, the cool packaging (saving all of the shopping bags and reusing them for my gym clothes to prove that I shopped there!), the Ettore Sottsass-designed stores. (I’m still so hugely influenced by the Memphis movement.) It was brilliant! And how all of those elements came together to create a lifestyle that seemed aspirational and fun. I still look at fashion and retail in that way—it needs to get people excited and wanting more of it.

—As told to Nicola Fumo

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