Drinks: Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery founder and CEO Hayden Slater attempted a five-day juice cleanse while traveling across Southeast Asia. "Five days turned into 30, and although a bit excessive, I never felt better in my entire life," he says. "When I returned from my travels, I knew I wanted to share this newfound knowledge with as many people as I could." Slater promptly left his TV production job and teamed up with two childhood friends — Carly de Castro and Hedi Gores — to open the first Pressed Juicery in 2010.


Fast-forward to today, and Pressed Juicery's cold-pressed beverages are an LA staple. The company has 40 locations across California, Nevada, and New York, and a slew of top-selling drinks, including six varieties of green juice and an almond milk that Zooey Deschanel says "tastes like ice cream." Head straight to the Pressed Juicery website to browse their menu and shop different cleanses.